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Ima queer/poly feminist flying that green & black flag imagining industrial collapse, carving poems into the underbelly of a rape culture with paper cuts.

narrations from an attic

I think what bothered me most about facebook was the ability to contrive one’s identity via photos that one posts and allows oneself to be tagged in. the mindlessness of it was also annoying. I wish I would’ve premeditated the demise of my facebook more thoroughly because there are people in other countries & continents I forgot to inform of my disappearance and I may never talk to them again: Jay Robinson and the Halifax kids, my Irish, German and Japanese friends. I feel the ability to be more honest here, probably because I don’t think anyone really reads this, but also because if they do they don’t usually comment/ aren’t my ultra judgmental extended family whose opinions of me carry weight even though they are undeserving of it. I want to/should do yoga before work but will probably rub one out instead.
Life is lonely and it’s important but difficult to not let that fact into one’s emotional/self loathing layers.

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